Potentially illegal anti-union behavior about Amazon

Potentially illegal anti-union behavior about Amazon

By william 0 Comment October 18, 2018


Amazon said in a statement that their existing labor arrangement provided “the most effective way to understand and respond to the needs of our workforce.”

I’m guessing that Bernie and Liz haven’t probably contemplated the real reason Amazon did what it did with raises. It had nothing to do with its employees and everything to do with hurting their competitors. Amazon has huge margins so this raise isn’t really going to effect their bottom line. However Target, Walmart and other grocery changes are now going to be forced to raise their raises to compete. There margins aren’t as large as Amazons so they will need to raise their prices which makes Amazon look like an even better deal to shoppers.

This irks the bottoms out of me. U have nothing to do so you go after Amazon, in case you forgot they hire a bunch of people. If Bernie and Elizabeth want to do some good, go after the GOP…remember…the egg heads in power. Go after Congress…remember… the egg heads that are doing nothing but approving bills but provide no solutions on funding. Or, better yet, go after the self-appointed genius POTUS Trump. Pitiful. Neither of you are going to be president, for sure, unless you change your ways.

Happy Times, Triangle Shirtwaist Factory a century ago employed a lot of people and abused them. It cost workers their lives. Today we have a similar if tamer situation. These people should not be so terrified of their abusers nor should the abusers have such absolute power. They need to be humbled.

The GOP?-Here is how that would play out. One side screams at the other, the other replies, CNN’s ratings go up, & nothing actually gets done. The average schmoe is still working in crappy conditions and income inequality stays. I am so very tired of watching my elders stupidly blame the other team for all that is evil but do not realize that the politicians they carry a torch for get bought off by men like Bezos in campaign funds…& they aren’t joining Bernie or Liz. “Neither of you are going to be president if you don’t change your ways!”-A reply: This country is not going to survive another forty years of neoliberalism on one side of the aisle and utter contempt for the poor on the other. You can only have a society that benefits billionaires and a tiny elite for so long before finally the volcano explodes. A politician being a social liberal is worth 0 to a schmoe if he does not care about more fundamental things like a living wage & being inches from poverty. Things the old guard is willfully blind to right now.

PS-Don’t tempt the young. Cutting Social Security entitlements could be one way to pay, and since so many of you shook your pom poms for policies that have hurt your children and their children very badly, they may eventually grow tired of a system where they must break their backs for benefits they will never see and bowing and scraping for idiots who don’t want to hear that it is no longer 1995 or 1965. The one s word that is not in the vocabulary of Boomers is SACRIFICE.

Poor Jeff Bezos. He just can’t stuff enough money into his bank account can he. Those pesky employees of his who travel the country like nomads trying to eke a marginal existence at his fulfillment centers are a greedy lot, are they not? And the mere fact that they are called fulfillment centers at all is a bit of a paradox in and of itself. Please everyone, show some mercy and help Jeff stuff his bank account. The poor man could use a hand up!

OK- newsflash WAPO- this scenario has occurred in thousands of workplaces over multiple decades. Management asking it’s leadership to be watchful of union organizing activity- but saying explicitly that they cannot prevent employees from pursuing union pathways. Generally when these atmospheres arise what happens is that management makes adjustments to things that relax the tensions. It amazes me that there is never any sense or perspective in the articles that the WAPO is publishing. This article is not informative- it’s gossip.