The contrast for google home hub with Amazon Echo Show

The contrast for google home hub with Amazon Echo Show

By william 0 Comment October 22, 2018

google home hub vs Amazon Echo Show

Some specs from another reputable site that appear to have been omitted here:

SCREEN 1024×600 7″ LCD (169.5ppi)

OS Cast platform with Google Smart Display software

CPU AMLogic S905D2 (Four Cortex A53 cores)

NETWORKING 802.11b/g/n/ac,

Bluetooth 5.0 PORTS Dc power,

Micro USB SIZE 67.3 x 178.5 x 118 mm (2.65 x 7.02 x 4.65 in) WEIGHT 480g (16.9oz)

While not shown in the images here, images at the same site that provided the specs confirm the micro USB connector is under the base, and thus not normally accessible by the user. Speaking of micro USB, in related smart display news, I found out the other day the new 2nd gen Echo Show has a micro USB port that will allow the use of an Ethernet adapter (probably the same type that works with some Fire TV models). Good news for those that want a wired connection. Until now, the only smart speaker unit I knew of that could do that is the Google Home Mini.

amazon echo show
amazon echo show

Google officially released the Home Hub, a $149 digital photo frame, YouTube video player, and visual recipe reciter (among other things) that looks to take on the second edition of the $229 Amazon Echo Show, which has been in release but is sold out through November 5th.

  • The Show screen is bigger and brighter.  Advantage: Amazon
  • The biggest video site is  Google. Advantage: Google
  • Amazon’s large collection of e-books and audio books is a natural fit here. Amazon offers “Story Time,” professionally narrated stories that get read to kids, as well as the huge Audible library of audio books.