Trump’s bipartisan infrastructure plan already imperiled

Trump’s bipartisan infrastructure plan already imperiled

By william 0 Comment May 4, 2019


Trump’s bipartisan infrastructure plan already imperiled

A $2 trillion infrastructure deal outlined this week by President Trump and top Democrats is already losing momentum, as the president’s own chief of staff is telling people inside and outside the administration that the effort is too expensive and unlikely to succeed.

The tentative accord to repair the nation’s roads, revitalize mass transit and expand broadband systems was reached at a private White House meeting Tuesday between Trump and Democratic leaders in Congress, who said they were pleasantly surprised by the president’s willingness to back a large-scale spending effort.

Mitch McConnell has stated quite clearly that HE will NOT being doing infrastructure. The tax cuts were far more important. At least Mitch understands that the funding for such an expenditure is going to be hard given the tax cuts and loss of revenue.
Trump just wants a headline today, yesterday, whatever. Trump simply does not care that much at all about infrastructure needs.
Nancy and Chuck took a meeting. It looked okay but they have to realize too that Mitch says NO.
The GOP – The party of NO. NO you can’t have safe roads or bridges, NO you can’t have affordable health care, NO you can’t vote. The list is way too long.

Same old Republican Congress which would not let the Obama Administration accomplish anything; their hostile-politics acted as a great cover for their top leadership holding back on changing anything in the financial interest of their contributing largest of corporations.

(Agricultural corporations probably didn’t want to lose their cheap legal and illegal immigration labor.) Even after many Republicans voted for Trump, in part, to change the political atmosphere in Washington; neither Trump nor the Republican Congress can make due for them on that. I do hope the Republican Constituents don’t give up on wanting a new direction of leadership for their party; no matter what might happen with Trump.

What people do not realize is they are being taken for a ride by the GOP and don’t even understand the cost ramifications of the GOP’s spite toward the Dems. Because of this we the people are getting screwed at every turn. Example: The GOP resisted to the max Obama’s push to spend 1 trillion in infrastructure during the 2008 economy crisis when it made perfect sense to do so then. But they resisted so it never happened. So the cost of this delay goes to who? Of course, we the taxpayer. One, by delaying it extended the recession for more years than it had to be and two the added inflation cost of doing it 10 or more yrs later. This party before country BS is ruining our people and our country. The same with fixing the health care problem. Nobody can argue it HAS to be fixed and is absolutely necessary to be fixed or eventually the health care system will collapse and nobody will be able to afford health care. Which is an untenable situation. The resistance, infighting and delay just makes the situation worse as time goes on and MORE expensive to the country and the people. This petty BS is killing people and our country.
WE THE PEOPLE need to stop falling for the divide and conquer strategy that they are playing us with and demand results or vote them out. From what I see the GOP over that last 20 -30 yrs is a different animal than the GOP of the Reagan yrs. They just have 1 mission, obstruct from accomplishing anything. What kind of world do you want to live in? Think 20 yrs down the road not 2 weeks from now.