Kim Kardashian’s daughter is very cute little baby.

Kim Kardashian finally introduced her newborn daughter to social media on Monday with a post on Instagram. The picture — taken before Kim’s recently revealed pink ’do — shows mother and daughter, in matching filters, snuggling in bed.

There she is! The baby would be more beautiful if it was a real picture and not filtered….the eyes and lips….come on kim

A little more than a month after Kim Kardashianand Kanye West welcomed Chicago Westinto the world, the newborn baby finally made her debut on Instagram. The Keeping Up With the Kardashians star took to social media on Monday with a sweet photo of the mommy-daughter pair decked out with a pink-hued teddy bear filter.

“Baby Chicago,” Kim captioned the selfie, which appears to have been taken before dying her platinum blond locks a bright pink color.

Fans caught their first glimpse of Chi when she made an appearance in the video Kylie Jenner shared when announcing the birth of her own daughter, Stormi Webster. Since then, Kim has shared updates on life at home with baby No. 3, most recently opening the doors to Chicago’s nursery.

The Ghouls

Chinese director Lu Chuan’s upcoming action adventure fantasy thriller film “The Ghouls: Nine-Storeyed evil tower” releases its first trailer.

Ghost Blows out the Light

Ghost Blows out the Light

The film is based on the first book of the fantasy novel series “Ghost Blows out the Light” written by Chinese Internet writter Zhang Muye.

Set in the 1980s, the novel follows two grave robbers team up with an American archaeologist after they fall victim to a curse, and to release themselves from it they must seek clues found among ancient mythical sites in China.

The book quickly became the bestselling online novel in China since it was published online in 2006 with an estimated readership of six million.

The adaption film by Lu Chuan stars Taiwan actor Mark Zhao, Rhydian Vaughan and mainland actress Yao Chen and Tang Yan.

The film is slated for release on the National Day of October 1.

Rita Ora style

Rita Ora Style 2

i love her style. looking for other people like her for fashion inspiration?


Rita Ora Style 3


The 24-year-old singer continued: “I just thought that I’ve put enough songs out that are party tunes – that I’m so happy that people like, of course – but I wanted to put something out that was like, ‘You know what, this is what’s getting on my nerves right now’. Rita’s second album, the follow-up to her 2012 debut Ora, is expected to be released later this year.


Rita Ora Style



erin andrews boyfriend 2015

Erin Andrews was born on May 4, 1978 in Lewiston, Maine, USA as Erin Jill Andrews. She is an actress, known for Dancing with the Stars (2005), 2010 Bridgepoint Education Holiday Bowl (2010) and 2011 Tostitos BCS National Championship Game (2011).
Erin Andrews
She began her career with her FSN Florida as a freelance reporter from 2000-2001 before serving as a Tampa Bay Lightning reporter for the Sunshine Network from 2001-2002. She then worked as a studio host for Turner Sports from 2002-2004, covering the Atlanta Braves and college football for TBS and Atlanta Thrashers and Atlanta Hawks for Turner South.
Graduated from the University of Florida with a degree in telecommunications in 2000. While there she was a member of the Zeta Tau Alpha sorority. She was also a member of the Dazzlers, the Gator basketball dance team, from 1997-2000.
In 2007, she was voted “America’s Sexiest Sportscaster” by Playboy Magazine.
Friend of Kelli Zink.

According to The Daily Mail, Stoll is scheduled to make an appearance in the upcoming film version of immensely popular HBO series Entourage. They go on to say that he was booked into the Clark County Detention Center, and was listed to have a hearing on Saturday, April 18, after he warble to post a bail of $5,000. The charges include Class 1, 2, 3, and 4 controlled substances, including cocaine and ecstasy.

The L.A. Kings released a statement on Twitter on the evening of Friday, April 17, saying, “We are aware of police reports out of Clark County, Nevada regrading Jarret Stoll. Our organization is concerned and has begun conducting a thorough investigation. While we continue to actively gather facts, we are withholding further comment at this time.”

So what does this mean for Dancing with the Stars co-host, Erin Andrews? The two were seen on vacation together on Thursday, April 16, on vacation in Manhattan Beach, California. This was the evening before Stoll went to Las Vegas to celebrate the two-year anniversary of the Hakkasan night club, a celebrity hot spot. Erin Andrews was not involved in the arrest, and was not even in Vegas with her boyfriend.

Rumors have been flying that the couple, who has been together since 2012, are getting ready to be married. The Inquisitr reported that after the Dancing With The Stars host posted a photo of herself sporting a huge diamond ring, fans speculated that the two had become engaged. Andrews quickly took to Twitter to rectify these rumors. Erin reminded her followers that the photo was taken in a mirror, and so that the ring was actually on her right hand.

Now, with her boyfriend being arrested on drug charges, and possible being suspended or kicked out of the NHL, what do you think Erin Andrews will do? Being a part of DWTS, should she leave him and keep her image, and the show’s image clean, or do you think the two will work it out and stay together? Let us know in the comments below.

rey mysterio net worth

High-flying luchador Rey Mysterio has a surprising estimated net worth of approximately $8.5 million.

rey mysterio net worth


And he didn’t accumulate his net worth in a cushy acting job, memorizing lines and spitting them out. No, he earned it in the highly physically perilous world of professional wrestling. Beginning his career in his native Mexico when he was only 15 years old, his star continually rose until he signed with American wrestling circuit ECW in 1995, at the age of 26. Soon after, it was the big time for Rey Mysterio, making his World Championship Wrestling debut just a year later in 1996. It was here that Mysterio’s high-flying style first earned him serious American fame. It was also during his career at WCW that Mysterio first took off his famous mask and revealed his face to the world (as the result of a “hair vs. mask” match between him and Kevin Nash). He was against taking off his mask, but was forced to by WCW management. It didn’t seem to hurt his career though, as his stock among wrestling fans continued to go nowhere but up. After the collapse of WCW, Mysterio found himself working for his formal rivals at WWE, where he continues to be a fan-favorite now and into the future.

rey rey

El Hijo del Perro Aguayo dies at the age of 35 El Hijo del Perro Aguayo, who has also wrestled as Perro Aguayo Jr. passed away this morning at just 35 after a match for the CRASH promotion in Tijuana, Mexico last night. According to, he was competing in a match against Rey Mysterio , Tigre Uno and Manik. In the video below you can see Aguayo getting hit with a missile dropkick.

Rey Rey
Date of Birth 11 December 1974, San Diego, California, USA
Birth Name Óscar Gutiérrez Rubio
Nicknames Lil’ Rey
Rey Rey, Flying Fury
Rey Misterio Jr.
Height 5′ 4″ (1.63 m)

muhammad ali biography by 2015

Muhammad Ali was born Cassius Marcellus Clay on 17 January 1942 in Louisville, Kentucky. Clay was introduced to boxing aged 12. Before turning professional, Clay won numerous amateur titles and achieved an outstanding record of 100 wins to 5 losses. On 5 September 1960, Clay stepped into the Olympic ring and beat Polish boxer Zbigniew Pietrzykowski 5-0 to take the light heavyweight gold medal.
Early boxing career
On 29 October 1960, Clay won his first professional title, embarking on a boxing career that would rock the sporting world. Clay’s unorthodox style relied on deft footwork. He had such confidence in his speed and agility that he would often leave his guard down and taunt opponents to hit him. He also began to predict in which round his fights would end.
Winning the world title
In February 1964, Clay took on Sonny Liston, the world heavyweight champion. The boxing press did not rate Clay’s chances against Liston. In the match Clay used his speed and footwork to outpace the slower Liston and inflict cuts and bruises under his eyes. After the sixth round, Liston retired from the match citing an injured shoulder. Clay won the fight to win the world title. “I am the greatest!” he proclaimed.
The same year, Clay publicly declared that he was a member of the Nation of Islam and that he was to be known as Muhammad Ali, a name given to him by his spiritual leader. His conversion was received with mixed reactions from the public, once again surrounding Ali with controversy.
Vietnam War
As war unfolded in Vietnam, Ali received his draft notice to the US Army. Rather than appeal for exclusion on the grounds of his sporting success, Ali chose to object on the grounds of his religious beliefs that forbade killing in all forms.
Ali was arrested and subsequently fined $10,000 for draft evasion. He was sentenced to five years in jail, later quashed on appeal. He was stripped of his heavyweight boxing title and licence to fight.
Return to boxing
In October 1970, Ali stepped into the ring for his first bout after three-and-a-half-years in exile; he defeated Jerry Quarry in the third round.
Ali signed up to fight the undefeated heavyweight champion Joe Frazier at Madison Square Gardens on 8 March 1971, billed as the ‘Fight of the Century’. At the end of 15 rounds, with both fighters still standing, the title was awarded to Frazier by unanimous decision. This was Ali’s first professional loss, although he later went on to defeat Frazier in January 1974.
‘Rumble in the Jungle’
Widely publicised by boxing promoter Don King, Ali met George Foreman in October 1974 for the ‘Rumble in the Jungle’ in Zaire, an attempt to win back his world heavyweight title. This was the first time that Ali revealed his ‘rope-a-dope’ technique. Ali leaned back on the ropes and absorbing the body blows his younger opponent dished out, counterattacking with jabs to Foreman’s face and taunting him to dish out more punches. Foreman began to look tried and weary. At the end of the eighth round Ali launched a powerful combination that knocked Foreman to the canvas. Ali had defied the odds to regain the world title.
‘Thrilla in Manila’
On 1 October 1975, Ali fought Joe Frazier for the third time, in the greatly anticipated ‘Thrilla in Manila’. The match lasted a punishing 14 rounds in tropical heat. Ali finally won through when Frazier’s corner halted the fight. Ali later described the fight as “the closest thing to death” that he’d ever experienced.
Ali lost his title to Leon Spinks, a fighter 12 years his junior, in 1978. In a rematch the same year he managed to win back the heavyweight championship for a third time.
Ali continued to fight even though he was losing form. His bid for the fourth heavyweight title, against former sparring partner Larry Holmes in 1980, was stopped. Ali’s only defeat by anything other than a decision. In December 1981, Ali lost the final fight of his career to Canadian Trevor Berbick on points. Ali retired from boxing at the age of 40.
Parkinson’s disease
In 1984, Ali was diagnosed with Parkinson’s, a condition which has been linked with trauma injuries to the head. Ali was presented with a replica of his lost 1960 Olympic gold medal when he lit the Olympic torch at the opening ceremony of the 1996 Olympic Games in Atlanta.
In 2005, Ali was awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom, the highest U.S. civilian honour, the same year saw the opening of the non-profit Muhammad Ali Center in Louisville, Kentucky.
At the 2012 Olympic Games in London Ali was a named flag bearer. He was too ill to carry the flag, so he stood in front of it.

Muhammad Ali NET WORTH

Muhammad Ali

Muhammad Ali  NET WORTH:$50 MILLION

Muhammad Ali has said Prince Charles is “the greatest”, as he welcomed the heir to the throne to his home city in Kentucky. The 73-year-old boxing legend’s tribute came in a letter read to the Duke and Duchess of Cornwall, as they visited Louisville on the last day of their US tour. The three-time former world heavyweight boxing champion, recently treated for a bladder infection , was not well enough to personally greet the Royal tourists.